No-tan guide

I am so pale that when people meets me usually the first thing they remark is how pale I am. Even friends and family bring up the topic of my paleness on trips and holidays where bathing suits are required. Since I was a baby I was slathered with sunblock cream SPF 100, I was never outside at noon and if I did went outside you could spot me with a large t-shirt on top of my bathing suit. Or else, my burns could put a stop to our trip. My skin has never liked the sun, so I learned to live with it.



When I was a teenager my friends used to come back to school after the summer with a lovely golden tan. Of course I was jealous, why couldn’t I? After trying a lot of things like self tanners that left me orange, going outside without any sunscreen to be absolutely red at the 20 minutes mark to even applying a tanning oil that left me with horrible blisters on my back and surprisingly enough my ears, I realized that being tanned was not my thing. Today I accept my skin and I’m proud of how much care goes into it. Now I can enjoy my trips to the beach and keep my paleness without burning my skin away thanks to a few things I’ve learned along the way.

Me, 2 years old with my anti-sun uniform.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, and a bit more of sunscreen.

It’s obvious, I know. But apparently tons of people didn’t received the memo. I get terrified when I see people tanning at noon without a single drop of sunscreen. In time, the skin suffers and it turns wrinkly and leathery. Not attractive.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash 

And skin cancer happens way to often not to care. I apply every day sunblock with at least 60 SPF or more if it’s a brighter day. I would never leave my room without slathering it in every corner and re-apply often, every 4 hours or so. I don’t need to be at the beach to do this, even when I’m out and about on a regular work day I’ll use sunscreen on the exposed parts of my skin to avoid burns.


More clothes = more protection.

You definitely don’t have to walk around wearing a turtle neck and pants on hot weather, unless you want a heat stroke. A long dress and a beach cover-up in a light material work wonders. Remember that your shoulders tend to be more exposed to the sun, so keep that in mind when picking your outfits to filter out UV rays.

Photo by Maxime Lelièvre on Unsplash

Hats are your new best friend.

Apart from being a great accessory, hats help our pretty faces to stay away from the sun. There are so many materials and shapes to choose from, remember to try them and see if the brim is wide enough to shade your features.


Noon is your worst enemy.

Between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky. This is a sure skin burn. Nobody should tan at this time of the day, specially if they have sensitive skin like me. This is a good time to enjoy a good book in the shade or have a refreshing lunch. Not a good time for tanning.


Do you enjoy your holidays and pool parties in the shade or by the sun? Leave me a comment here, or on my social media Instagram & Facebook

photo by savannah walters on Unsplash

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