Trend: Ruffles

They are everywhere. From blouses to pants, ruffles have taken over our entire wardrobe. The key is to balance their volume with simpler pieces so you don’t look like wearing a costume. This trend has earned many followers during 2017. Some people are in love, others loathe them, but there’s no denying the romanticism they evoke. I feel this is one of those trends that we’ll look back in time and ask historians: What they where thinking? Just like shoulder pads, neon everything and huge 90’s jeans. Well, 90’s everything. Love them or hate them, these ruffled pieces will not be going anywhere soon, so we might as well incorporate a few into our closet. Here’s how.


Asymmetric necklines.


These ruffles are perfect paired with a simple pant and classic heels. Be aware that they add volume to the bust area, so if that’s something you want, go for it. This necklines also bring to your look another strong trend: showing off your shoulders. They’re having a moment on 2017.




If you want DRAMA this is the route to go. They are an everyone-will-stare-at-your-fabulousness-as-soon-as-you-walk-in type of item. They add flare and sass to a regular outfit and some designs are amazing at reducing attention to the belly area if that’s an issue. Definitely pay attention to the top you wear because you can go from amazing, chic and polish to costumey really quick.



Shoulders and arms are definitely having a moment. This is a way of wearing this trend in a more demure way if drama and over the top clothing is not your style. You can find smaller ruffles, and wear this blouses as basics. But, you can forget about wearing a coat or jacket since the volume of the sleeves won’t allow you to.



Is peplum a ruffle? They have the same structure, so… It’s a tough one, I  know. It made it’s comeback this year on the runways, and filtered into stores. It’s hard to find one that suits you when you’re not Kim Kardashian, but when you do it can be wonderful. Pay attention to the proportions since you’re adding volume on the hips, and try to find a length that works for you. Also, do balance the look by wearing a slim top and bottom to create an hourglass effect.

I’m not a huge fan of this trend, but I might change my mind if I find something cute that fits my black and white style. On my civil wedding ceremony one of my best friends wore a blouse with huge ruffled sleeves and she looked fantastic, so I guess sometimes pays off to risk it with a new trend. If I do, I’ll let you know.

How do you feel about ruffles? Love them or hate them? Let me know and show me your ruffled look on Facebook & Instagram

Photo by Henri Meilhac on Unsplash

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