How to organize your closet and find your personal style.

Having an organized closet is key to stress free mornings. But have you ever thought the impact that having everything organized has on your personal style? You can identify what makes your style unique and personal.

If you ever find me walking down the street, probably I’ll be wearing black, a graphic t-shirt and a long coat. I’ll also have my silver watch and lots of earrings. That doesn’t mean that I wear the same things every day, I just have a formula for dressing that works for me.

This is great when I’m going shopping because I know exactly what to look for. It’s easy to be carried away by current trends, but usually those trends don’t fit with everyone’s aesthetic. When we go shopping for clothes, we tend to look for new things. The latest fashion catches our attention, and then we end up buying clothes we’ll never use.

I want to show you a foolproof way to avoid making these fashion “mistakes” in the future, declutter your closet and organize it in such a way that you realize what your personal style is so you can build it up.

Does this work for me or not?

The most important and perhaps difficult part of this process is to give away what you don’t wear. You know that item, the one that comes back from the bottom of your closet every once in a while that you never wear but still keep because  I might use this later. Let’s keep it just in case. You won’t wear it. Ever. Maybe someone you know likes it, and goodwill is always up for new items. Be honest with yourself and your style, and give up those items that don’t fit your current self.

I found that the easiest way to do this is by placing the clothes hanger pointing towards the front. When you wear something, you place that clothes hanger towards the back of your closet and that’s how you know you wore that item. In a couple of months, check the items that haven’t been turned, and those who don’t work, you know what to do. Someone else might need them.

This formula doesn’t apply to special attire, such as seasonal clothing, cocktail dresses, fancy coats and things like that. Those items are not worn often, but are useful in our closet. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable in them, find out why. They might give you some clues about what you like.

Identify repeat offenders.

Do you own four or five similar striped t-shirts? Or tend to only like items in burgundy? This happens when you are comfortable in something, so it’s easy to make it the key piece of your wardrobe. If you feel good, keep wearing them!

Know yourself!

If you try a new trend and you feel like you’re in a costume, its definitely not for you. But, if you take the plunge and catch yourself staring at every reflection you find, then maybe you have find something interesting. That happens when we feel good, so please take a picture (or many) of that outfit, post it and use it to identify silhouettes and details.

Size does matter.

Finally when you got rid of whatever doesn’t work and you identified your key items, it’s time to organize. First, sort it by type, then from short to long, that way is easier to identify your clothes, specially if you have a lot of the same colour. I usually put first coats , jackets and shirts, then pants, skirts and dresses.

For the items that go in drawers, I use the roll fold method and organize them by colours.

If you use any of these methods let my know on my Facebook & Instagram!

photo by

Priscilla Du Preez

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