3 basics you should own.

There is a reason why classics are considered classics. Those clothes that never go out of style no matter where you are or the era, these items will always feel on trend. Today I want to go over the history of some of these clothes, which for me are a must in all of our closets.


Button up shirt

Since the 19th century this classic has had almost no changes at all. During the 1960’s and 1970’s the fashion industry tried to spice it up a little bit with lost of volume on the sleeves and ruffles, but it clearly did not worked.

Photo: Christopher Campbell in Unsplash

When it first appeared it was a symbol of status, since keeping it crisp white was really expensive. It was also mostly worn by men. However, from the 19th century untill today it has been used by both women and men and it’s a staple in every minimalist and normcore fashionista. And with lots of reasons beacause you can spice it up with bright and bold accessories or wear the always classic combo of a white button up and high waisted denim. It has an infinity of outfit possibilites and can be worn in almost any occasion. It will always work.

Trench Coat

This coat was created around the 1850’s, and was a big deal in the first world war because it replaced the heavy wool coats worn by the British and French troops. It has more than 100 years, and has had almost no midifications other than the changes in the linings. Thomas Burberry created the gabardine fabric, which is still used nowadays to make this types of coats.Burberry and Aquascutum started to produce this coats for the military and it gained popularity fast.

Photo: Pete Bellis in Unsplash

These days it is a staple for cold weather, since the gabardine fabric is waterproof and warm. The trench coat is a very functional piece of clothing, and it works for many settings. It is easy to wear and mix and match, and can create outsanding looks, depending on the fabric print or accesories you wear.

Little Black Dress

In 1962 Gabriele Chanel published in the American Vogue a simple calf-length black dress, with a straight cut and minimal decorations. It was accessible to every woman regardless of their economic position so it quickly became a familiar outfit on the streets since it became popular right before the Great Depression. It soon turned into an icon of class and style, and still today is wearable in every type of occasion.

Photo: Khusen in Pixabay

This dress has multiple ways to be worn, since you can accessorise it up or down. Whether you wear it with sneakers and a biker jacket or with pumps and a nice blazer, this dress is considered a life saver.


What do you think about my closet basics? Did I left one out? Write me a comment here or on my social media! Facebook & Instagram

Photo by: 

Alexandru Zdrobău

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